QTVR2Flash Personal Edition

QTVR2Flash is a tool designed to comfortably convert Quicktime...

QTVR2Flash is a tool designed to comfortably convert Quicktime VR panoramas, objectmovies and image series to Flash movies (version 5 and greater).

QTVR2Flash leads the user in nine steps through the conversion process and collects all needed informations. After the conversion is done the user gets a directory with the converted flash movies - the 8MB Quicktime plug-in is not needed any more!

Movies converted with the standard or the professional version of QTVR2Flash reload details the user is zooming in. This reloading process is done client sided within the Flash plug-in.

There is no need to install any server sided programs or plug-ins. The higher the resolution of your source Quicktime VR is, the more details can be reloaded by the QTVR2Flash movie.

The maximum resolution can be 3600x2700 pixel in the (professional version). To use this files on lower bandwidth connections all detailimages are streamed.

To communicate with other flash presentations QTVR2Flash offers a complete set of actionscript commands. The professional version of QTVR2Flash additionally offers a batch processing function to convert several Quicktimes in one step.

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QTVR2Flash Personal Edition

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